Vineyards are 283 meters above sea level, inside what is known as Penedès, and in the Town of Piera (Anoia).

Medium temperature in hotter month is about 29ºC and in cold months around 2ºC more or less, and we have about 606 ml of rain (per square meter) per year.

We don't put extra water on vineyard. We collect the grapes by hand, and we are proud to make sure transportation of grapes to Winery takes less than 20 minutes, as all is near (as shown in map).

We are looking for high quality of grapes, thus we don't allow too much grapes per vine.

We are into ecological production, and we are using pheromones to ensure no pollution.

Since 2011, August,  vineyards are in process to became ecologic.

Vineyards and winery are certificated by CCPAE. The winery is associated whith Asociación de Productores de Vinos Naturales. 


This is distribution of vineyard:

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