Our Natural wines

We elaborate natural wines, but what are natural wines?

Natural wines (as stated in Regulation 479/2008 of European Community) do not contain added sulfites or other artificial products (as artificial enzimes, etc) which can modificate the organoleptic properties, as might be artificial yeasts or enzymes. Neither enological additives are added.

So our wine is the result of fermentation of the grape in its purest form, and is full of life.

Our products (natural wines, wine without added sulfites) contain only grapes that had run its natural process to become wine, without having been modified in any way. Thus the wine has different characteristics (smell, taste, color, etc.) every year, making it unique and unrepeatable, depending on rainfall (total liters fallen that year), the growth and maduration when it has been collected, the terrain, etc.

We only allow the vine to produce a very limited production, something that makes possible to obtain a high quality grapes. Vineyard Is cultivated carefully. We use environmentally friendly products, whether used for organic or integrated production, and we collect the grapes at the optimum point of ripeness. We are in the process of obtaining organic certification.