Macabeo 2012

Macabeu 2012 CCPAE Ecological Production DO Penedes


Macabeo 100% 11,51º

Natural wine. Not subjected to clarification or filtration. Neither added sulfites, enzymes nor winemaking additives. Contains no added sulfites.


The winter was mild ─ no snow or extreme temperatures. The vines sprout early foreshadowing a preview of the vegetative cycle. Spring was not rainy, and summer was dry. Drought was especially strong in August. The quality of the grapes was excellent although the harvest was early. Finally it was made on August 28 by hand.


The grapes were transported in boxes and pressed. Fermentation started spontaneously on September 2 and lasted a month at 16 ° C. After fermentation, the wine was racked to another tank always in descending moon days. There it rested for a few months until the moment of bottling. Neither any alien substance was added, nor the was stabilized or filtered. The bottles are filled and plugged by had during fruit and flower days, according to the biodynamic calendar. Chardonnay was finally bottled on January 25.

PRODUCTION: 1300 Bottles


  • Alcohol: 11,51%
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.50 g / L
  • Total acidity, exp. tartaric acid: 6.1 g / L
  • Total sulfites <4 mg / l



  • Color: lemon yellow with green highlights.
  • Aroma: medium-high white ripe fruit with hints of honey and ripe apricot and caramel.
  • Taste: Fresh and citric as well as round and wide. Mouth reminds nose with notes of apricot and baked apple. Long aftertaste dominated by citrus. Time and aeration transform both aroma and taste so that aromas of fruit and spice become more intense and the wine reminds of species and cedar.

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Total rainfall (l/m²): 576