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Dec 3, 2013

November 2013

Great contrast of temperatures in November

Summer temperature prevailed until mid November, when the first wave of winter cold arrived. Since the vine did not detect the change of season amid these high temperatures, it kept its own vegetation and delayed its yearly winter stop. Moreover, some branches even sprouted.

Like all plants, vines need a number of "cold hours" in order to complete its vital cycle, Thus, the plant takes a rest in winter while stocking strength for spring, when it develops its vegetation again. During this winter stop the circulation of sap slows down, so leaves keep the bulk of nutrients. Weather informs plants of their need to rest and develop. In essence, weather tells them when they are.

The Mediterranean climate is typically featured by four clearly defined seasons. However, an increasing trend to reduce these seasons to only two is clearly visible nowadays. The transitions from summer to winter as well as from winter to summer only proceed through a few days instead of months of changing temperatures. Although these transitions used to be gradual, currently they are not. In fact, both spring and autumn are reduced to a short period.